I don’t usually post about personal things, but I’m breaking that rule today, because I’m trying to process something that happened to me recently.

I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism a few weeks ago.

At first, all I saw was the downsides. How it makes me difficult to work with, how it makes it difficult to understand what is happening in the intensely complex web social interactions around me, how I get overwhelmed when I have to handle social events and after a few phone calls can end up wanting to hide in a cave and never deal with anyone ever again, how I can’t understand conversation if there are other people talking, how being in Walmart makes me physically ill, how it took me twice as long as it should have to finish college because I kept getting overwhelmed, how I can’t enjoy gifts of jewelry and even have difficulty wearing my wedding ring for longer than a few hours because my skin is too sensitive.

But, as I worked away on here, I realized a gigantic upside. As part of my condition, I have the ability to become extremely focused. So focused that I lose touch with the rest of myself, and become nothing but my typing fingers and my brain figuring out what to type next for hours. These trances usually last 4-5 hours, and when I come out of one of them, I’ll have translated thousands of names, or hundreds of phrases. Something that would have taken a normal person much longer. The reason that this website exists and is so successful is because I have Asperger’s. Frack, I wouldn’t even be interested in Tolkien’s languages if it weren’t for my autistic nature to get completely obsessed with some small corner of the world. So, I’m glad to be this way. It means that I’ve carved out a little niche for myself. I’m useful for others, get to have fun, get to relieve stress by playing with languages.

I’ve never really cared much about figuring out how to make a living through this though. I’m more interested in languages and playing with them. But, as the year goes on, and I deal with different financial things… I realize that I should be making money somehow from this all-consuming obsession that I have. Patreon is a great start. Through the monthly donations I’ve gotten more steady money than I ever have before, which is really nice. So. Ideas… how can I help support my wife and I and keep my full-time job playing with languages? Should I be more aggressive with my Patreon account? Should I come up with some sort of product line to sell? Should I make custom translations a paid service? What do you think? It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that this isn’t “just a hobby” for me.

Another thing that I ended up changing extensively is how the beta-reader system works. The changes I made will hopefully make beta readers feel a lot more secure and have more control over their profiles.

Change #1 – Beta Readers are now members of the website.

If your application is accepted, I’ll make you a user on the website. This means you will be able to change your beta-reader profile as often as you want. If your availability unexpectedly changes, you will be able to update it without first having to contact me.

Change #2 – There’s a contact form for the Beta Readers.

This has several benefits: your e-mail address isn’t publicly available on the website. Instead, someone wanting to contact you about a beta-reading job will use the form. This way spam bots and every random person who wanders in won’t have access to your e-mail address. Though, if you change your e-mail address on your account, be sure to contact me so I can update it on the form too. I have to manually put those in.

I hope you enjoy the new system!


Hello everyone!

It has been a long, long, long, year. I graduated from college at long last, got a job, quit that job, and somehow, amidst all of that, I finished modernizing the website. My good friend Phil Smith has moved on to follow his own writing projects (should be something amazing, I’m sure! I’ll post links to them if he decides to share them with the world, because he really is that talented and your lives would be made richer for a taste of his writing.) which means he can’t help out on the website anymore. Since I have only limited knowledge of coding, and the website badly needed to be modernized – it needed to be made responsive to people’s tiny cell-phone screens – I decided to remake the website with WordPress.

At first I was thinking that it’d just be part of the website, not the phrases and names, which are in a database that last time I’d tried, wouldn’t work with WordPress. But, after some help from my friend Auburn, I found some tools that would let me build and manage databases with WordPress! Better yet, I wouldn’t need to know any PHP! So, after a lot of trial and error (possibly more to come, actually… I haven’t figured out how I will handle the Exilic Quenya-Sindarin namelists yet) I’ve managed to make them work!

So, while I was mucking about with that, I first put together the Recorded Scripts, as a trial run for making the much more complex databases. This project that I did all those years ago finally can see the light of day on my own website! And it’s even better now, because you can view each line individually if you so chose, and you can see detailed information about it. I figured out how to do this with all of the names and phrases, and I started a wiki of translated names from the books. This will be an on-going project of mine that I will slowly add to whenever the mood strikes me.

I made a few new pages as well, like the Find Your Phrasebook! page, so that it’ll be easier to figure out which language or dialect your character speaks. I also put together the Random Name Generator, which people have been asking me to make for years now.

The coolest thing about these new phrasebooks and namelists is that they are really easy to link to. You can link to an individual phrase or name, with all of the information about it right there, not cluttering up the phrasebooks and namelists. Another cool thing is that this make translating the names and phrases into other languages super easy.

I have been wanting to provide the phrasebooks translated into languages other than English for a long time. But, I didn’t know how I would do it. These new databases make it easy. Because of this, two new people have joined my team: Alphin (German Translator) and Elaran (Turkish Translator). They are working tirelessly to make the phrasebooks available in their own languages! Eventually, we may add more languages and make more sections of the website translated, but this is our starting point. I’m really excited to see where this leads us.

Since there is so much work to be done, I enlisted the help of Faravenel to help make pages. It’s pretty mind-numbing work, making dozens of pages with shortcodes to pull up templates and access the databases, but Faravenel has really come through for me, making hundreds of pages.

With the new-found flexibility, I was able to add Xandarien’s Old English namelists to the website, and we’ll be adding a Dwarvish phrasebook as well, courtesy of my good friend the Dwarrow Scholar!

So,what do we have to look forward to in the future:

  • Slowly but surely filling out the name databases. So far there are only a handful of names – just enough for a proof of concept really – but over the next year, you will see thousands and thousands of new names added to them.
  • A Dwarvish Phrasebook! We still have some work to do before it’s ready to go, but the more difficult parts have been completed.
  • Recordings of the translations in the phrasebooks. Anyone have good recording equipment and can roll their Rs?
  • Re-vamped Quenya translations with the new data from PE22. In this latest publication, we got a small mountain of data about complex verb tenses in Quenya! I just put up the old Quenya phrasebooks because that’s what I have, but I’m looking for someone to help on that front. I’ll be going back to teaching Sindarin, and with all of these other projects, I don’t think I’ll have time.
  • The phrasebooks translated into Portuguese! We already have a Portuguese translator, but they’re busy with school until the summer. If you speak Portuguese, this will be something to look forward to!

Without further ado, Welcome!

It was a lot of fun getting to do this. I think I’ll do more interviews and talks later on, since I had fun.

LOTRO Players News Episode 113: Languages in Tolkien

In the interview we announced the Dwarvish and Sindarin phrasebook LotRO plugins. I’ll post the links to the Sindarin one when it becomes available!

At 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, I’m being interviewed about my Tolkien-language work, along with a good friend of mine, The Dwarrow Scholar and you can listen and chat along with others listening to the show here: http://mixlr.com/the-players-alliance/

I, dreamingfifi, have graduated from college, with a degree in Linguistics! I’ve now got the letters “BA” after my name. This means some changes will happen around here.

Because I don’t have mountains of homework anymore, I can spend more time on the website! The Sindarin lessons will now be offered all year, not just in the summer. The semesters (when new students can join) will be like this:

First week of January – Last week of April

First week of May – Last week of August

First week of September – Last week of December

There will be a maximum of 15 new students per a semester, because there’s more chances to take the class.

Registration will now be open all year.

There will be some long-awaited updates to the main website too, so stay tuned!


These updates are pretty minor. I just moved around some of the content. I made a whole section for requesting translations out of the old Need Help? page, so hopefully people can figure out how to request translations more easily. I changed the Need Help? page into a new FAQ page, so people know where to find what they need. “Need help?” was cute, but confusing.

I also renamed the “Timelines” page to “Calendars“, since it’s mostly calendars now.


A bigger than usual update for today.

I posted two new Sindarin poems: I Chiril os Salod and Ollas Nin o hAuth.

I cleaned up the Word Lists page, and got rid of the old wordlists (Except the Adûnaic Dictionary, that has aged much more gracefully). They’re outdated, we have no one interested in updating them. Rather than keep the molding material there, I got rid of it. I’ve decided to revise what this section of the website will be used for. So, I made three new pages – Quenya Cases, Quenya Pronouns, and Sindarin Pronouns, which are designed to be quick reference charts for translators. I’m also deleting the Pronouns, Race, Compass Directions, Family words, and Numbers sections of the phrasebooks, and I’ll instead put these specialized wordlists in the Word Lists page. The time and date related wordlists are repeats of the articles in the Time section, so I deleted them too. This lets me structure the material more effectively according to the type of word I’m dealing with. Most of these changes won’t be seen in the phrasebooks right away, but when Phil and I finish the new interfaces for the phrasebooks. We’re still a few weeks away from posting the first new database interface. Phil’s been working really hard on it!


Elvish Linguistics Learning Tool

The reason that I jumped into this project, other than the obvious, is that I see the potential for this to be useful for teachers and students of languages in general. It makes it easy to learn to read a language, especially one like Japanese or Ancient Egyptian. It’s time for we linguists to use the technology available to us.

Also, I think it’d be a really awesome thing if we Lambendilli could contribute something to the field of linguistics!

Donate! Spread the word! Márienna!

Lalaith of “Lalaith’s Middle-earth Science Pages” contacted me to let me know that her website has moved! It’s a great website, so I’m spreading the word. If you have it bookmarked, change your bookmarks to: http://homepage.o2mail.de/lalaith/M-earth.html

So, here we are. Due to the Middle-earth Network shutting down social-network operations, I had to move the “News and Updates” section to my own website.

In this process, I got another subdomain for my website, installed WordPress 4.0 on it, then mucked around until it became something resembling the main website.

I’m going to miss the community that came with the Middle-earth Network, but, there have been several advantages.

  • I have a lot more control over the look of the website.
  • Load-time has decreased dramatically. You may have noticed that the main page’s load time was slowed down. That was because it had to fetch the RSS feed from the other website.
  • I can put my own ads on it, and hopefully earn more money, because depending on donations to cover the website’s bills has proven to be quite unstable.

So, if you want to keep track of what’s going on at Realelvish.net, keep an eye out here, or subscribe to the RSS feed. See you around!

I finished the research on Adûna pronunciation… 2 years ago? A while ago, anyways. I forgot to make a pronunciation guide page for it. Without further ado, here it is!

Adûna Pronunciation

You’ll notice that there aren’t any notes on the stress patterns. Unfortunately, Tolkien never described them.

I also added an essay I wrote and first posted here as part of my Detective Conan Fanfic Rants series. The essay is Foreign Tongues in Fanfic, and it’s about how to use foreign languages gracefully in fiction.

The phrasebook database will be down for an hour starting 2PM GMT. Phil will be making the URLs for specific sections of the phrasebook easier to link to.

This is part of a larger project to make the phrasebooks more accessible in different ways, especially for screen-reader programs.

Some other updates have happened recently.

Many links about Elvish fonts have been added to the Trustworthy Website List and the Affiliates page has a new blog: Dear Velvet.

Because I’ve been contributing to VinQuettaParma, my Reconstructed Sindarin list has been getting edited.

More updates soon!

Hi! I’m back from my adventures going to school, doing NaNoWriMo (I won!), and getting surgery (bi-lateral breast-reduction). I’m still a little sore from surgery, but I don’t need the powerful pain meds that make me extremely loopy. Therefore, I have given myself a green light to go back to website editing.

We have two new donors: Richard and Nisharn. Donation page here.

A new affiliate: Elbisch, a German Tengwar tattoo design website.

Some links were fixed, thank you Corsair_Caruso for letting me know about those!

Spambots attacked the forums, and I finally cleared out all of the spambot accounts and spam-posts. Thank you everyone who reported them!

Registration for the Sindarin class is open! If you want to register, go here.

More updates will be coming soon!

We managed to meet our goal, then blow straight past it! The total amount donated is $1420.

The rest of the money will go to paying the websites’ bills, and $5 a month will go to a Humanist charity network called “Foundation Beyond Belief“. They carefully screen charities to make certain that they actually help people, so I figured they are a good choice.

The following people covered the rest:


Eglerio! Eglerio! Eglerio!

Thank you so much everyone who sent money or spread the word. You’re really saving my (short) life’s work from my stupidity. To make sure this will never happen again, I figured out a system that would sync the files in 3 computers at once, as well as with Dropbox. This way, if any one part of this system dies, there will be 3 other back ups. Maybe I’m getting paranoid about backing things up now, but I never want to go through that again.

Thank you and Márienna!

Notice: Our donation goals have been met! Thank you everyone who helped out, you’re life’swork-savers! More info here!

Got an update on the status of the data recovery this morning:

“Your media is currently in the clean room where our most advanced engineers are working with your drive in order to bypass the failure and gain access to your files. If the clean room work is successful, we will begin creating a sector by sector image of your drive in order to move your files from the failed drive to a known good drive as quickly as possible. Your media is currently in the clean room where our most advanced engineers are working with your drive in order to bypass the failure and gain access to your files. If the clean room work is successful, we will begin creating a sector by sector image of your drive in order to move your files from the failed drive to a known good drive as quickly as possible.”

I still need to raise $440 to be able to pay for it and keep the lights on at home. Again, the donation link is: http://realelvish.net/donate.php

Thanks again!

Notice: Our donation goals have been met! Thank you everyone who helped out, you’re life’swork-savers! More info here!

If you’re wondering what this is about, read this post first: http://realelvish.mymiddleearth.com/2013/07/19/help/

Our goal is to raise $850, so my spouse and I can afford to eat and pay rent and save the new sections of Realelvish.net that I’m working on.

So far we have raised $410! You guys are awesome and amazing and generous and wonderful people. I think that our goal is reachable if we keep spreading the word!

Again, thank you! Here are the first names of our donors:

Eglerio! Eglerio! Eglerio!

Notice: Our donation goals have been met! Thank you everyone who helped out, you’re life’swork-savers! More info here!

I need help. I lost all of the files on my computer – it’s dying, and I was expecting that, so I had backed them up. Then my external hard-drive died. According to the place I brought it to, one of the drive heads is broken, and it managed to damage the disk too.

It will cost $1299 to get the files off of it, and I don’t have the money.

The half completed Elvish Name Database is on it. A year’s worth of work, and one of the most often requested new features.
The Recorded Non-English lines project is on it.
The Building Thalassian project is on it.
The partially complete Sindarin translation of The Lady of Shalott is on it.

Please, I don’t want to lose all of this work. So much of my life, labor, and linguistic work is trapped, and the possibility of losing it feels like I’m facing losing my memory. Please help me.

After this, I’ll be using triple redundancy – backing things up in a Cloud as well as an external harddrive, so hopefully I don’t ever have to face this again.

I estimate that if donations can cover about 2/3rds of it, ($850) then my spouse and I can cover the rest and still be able to pay rent and eat this month.

The company that’s doing the restoration, ADR, has been great to work with so far. They didn’t charge me a diagnosis fee and they won’t charge me if they can’t recover the files. On the other side, they’ll hold the restored files until I’ve paid the full amount.

If they can’t recover the files and don’t charge me, I’ll send you back your donations. Once the goal of $850 is met, I’ll post again and edit this post so that everyone knows.

As a thank you to anyone who donates and helps save these future parts of the website, I’ll send a personal letter and a photograph of a pretty sunset, because I like pretty sunsets. (if there is a mailing address included)

If you would like to help out, here is the website’s donation page that works through PayPal.

Thank you and Márienna!

The forums have had a make-over! Proboards is updating their forum software, and I just spent several hours tweaking the settings to make it look nice.

Some cool new features: We have a shotbox! And, you can build your own avatar! It’s got a really sleek, modern look too. I don’t know all of the new features yet, but it already is looking pretty darn awesome.


Phrasebook Database, version 2.0

I added a few phrases to them, and added a new column for the new, simpler pronunciation guide. Let me know what you think! And let me know if you find any errors. There are bound to be a few that slipped through the cracks, as the only time I can really beta it is when it’s already up on the website.

I think I got it all working properly, but please let me know if anything doesn’t work right!


“How?” you may ask. It’s actually quite simple. At the bottom of Realelvish.Net‘s page, where the disclaimer and the site design credits are, there is a link and an ad for Fandango tickets. If you order tickets to The Hobbit on Fandango by clicking on that link then doing it, a portion of the money will go to Realelvish.Net to keep it afloat. As you may know, because of the massive amounts of traffic my website has been getting, I have to pay for bandwidth now. (I have the details here.) So, every bit helps, and every bit goes back into the website.

Thank you so much for helping me keep Realelvish.Net alive and kicking!

I’m back; I had a lovely time, and now school has started.

Right now I’m focusing on finishing the new Elvish section of Arwen-Undomiel.com. It’s going to be awesome!

I’m gathering voice actors (only people in Missoula, Montana whom I can train personally and record personally). It’s a lot of fun, but a lot of work, and I hope that I manage to finish this quickly before the full load of coursework hits me.

You can find it here: The Phrasebook Database

In it is included the thousands of new Quenya phrases that I’ve been working on translating the past few months.

The main reason that I decided to do this at last is the dialects. You now have the ability to select which dialect you need. Long ago, we knew scarcely anything about the various dialects of the Elven tongues, but now, we know much, much, more. Enough to make phrases aimed at specific dialects. This phrasebook database brings this ability to your fingertips in a way that the old phrasebooks couldn’t – at least not without a confusing mess of duplicated phrases side by side, easily mixed up.

I’ve also edited the Elven Wedding Vows to match the dialect focus of the main phrasebook. I’ve also focused it more on painting a picture of where and how they’d be saying these lines.

And finally, I put together a list of 101 Quenya Phrases for people to put on their websites, a matching pair to the 101 Sindarin Phrases list I made oh so long ago.


It’s finally time to beta-test the new phrasebook database!

Phrasebook Database Interface

Please let me know any problems or errors that you find, and any suggestions you have for making it easier to use are welcome.

One little note: the “all of them” option for the phrasebook sections won’t be working until tomorrow, so don’t worry about it not working.

There’s a new wordlist! This one is for Reconstructed Quenya. I made it while working on the Quenya phrasebook.

Some news on the Phrasebook Database project: it is in the final stages of completion! I’m in the process of building a form that can interact with the database, and that will hopefully be easy to use. In the next few weeks I’ll probably be putting in requests for  people to beta test it – so watch out for that!

I deleted the Timeline pages. There were some errors in them, and the writer, Gildor Inglorion, has moved on and works on the Tolkien Gateway Wiki now. This timeline is far superior to the old one on my website, so I’m linking to the new one.

I want to know what you’d like to see improved or added to my website, so I made a poll on it. Currently, I’m working on a phrasebook database, and name database, and finishing this round of edits on Your Sindarin Textbook.

Spent the day doing courageous battle with the RSS2 feed on the index page. It is finally replaced with the brand new feed from this place! It’s so purdy! And it works!

I only had to install a newer version of PHP. Once I did that though, everything fell into place very quickly.

I just finished copy-pasting all of the website-updates from the past few years that I hadn’t managed to delete. This shall be the new home of my updates page! And lookie! You can comment on the updates! I don’t know why you’d want to, but if you feel so inclined, go ahead I guess.

A luhta tálunyassë, pan apárien parmanen Amanya eldalambé!

Parma Ñoldorinwai quentelion ya Micael nin tencë ná yerna ar mauya nin sá at-etécië. Sinen, parnen.  Ma mára len?

Ahem… Well that was fun. Basically: I’m rewriting the outdated Quenya phrasebook that Michael wrote for me ages ago. In order to do it, I learned Quenya.

As I study Quenya, I am struck by how much more effort Tolkien put into Quenya. The pronouns are more or less complete, the tenses flushed out, and even some modality sprinkled in. And the words! There are so many more words! I’ve had to do very little reconstruction. I feel like I’m being spoiled. Best of all is that Tolkien has made many greetings and farewells for Quenya, as well as a wealth of interjections and conversational bits and pieces. I’ll do my best to work as many as I can find into the phrasebook.

I’m still in contact with Michael, and he helps me find and fix errors in what I come up with, but he’s got his own projects to worry about, so this is pretty much me on my own. Oh, I love agglutinative languages!

We finally outdid our free bandwidth. The website is down for a few days while we move to a new name server, with lots more bandwidth! Pity it costs so much. Check out the Donate page if you’d like to help keep the website afloat!

The Noldorin Names were a mess. I’m replacing them with Exilic names, which are taking forever to put together. Also, I put together a quick little index for the pronunciation guides so people can find them a little more easily.

I’ve added a new set of phrases for the Sindarin-speaking Lindarin Elves and the Woodelves. I also cleaned up some small errors that I somehow missed before, and re-translated a few phrases. I got rid of hanna– as well. Using it has always bothered me, but it’s so prevalent in Neo-Sindarin that it’s difficult to let go of it. I’m looking forward to confused messages on the forums, asking for “hannon le”. Does anyone ever read these updates? Hmm. I guess I’ll find out. Enjoy!

One thing that has been delaying my making of a complete Exilic namelist is that I didn’t have Sindarin verbs made into names yet. I just finished translating a mountain of Sindarin verbs into hundreds of new Sindarin names! The Exilic names should go much quicker now! I’m also cleaning out the Qenya names that don’t have cognates in Sindarin from the Quenya namelists. I hadn’t realized I’d let so many slip through!

The death of Geocities took with it many fantastic Tolkien-linguistics websites. I hadn’t done a complete link-check until now, and found a large number of the websites are now gone. How depressing! I hope they find new homes, because they were excellent resources. Novaer mellyn!

Some of you may know this already, but last Saint Nicolas’ Day, my grandfather died. We were quite close. He was a brilliant anthropologist and quite gifted at learning languages. If you want to know more about him, do a search on Frank Bessac. I miss him terribly, to the point of distraction. Anyways, I’m taking a semester off of school to mourn, work on Realelvish.net, and hopefully to find a job.

I’ve been burying myself in my website lately, and there have been a lot of updates as a result.

The textbook is back up to date! (I think.) This has been what I’ve been focusing on the most lately. There are several new sections. It now includes a section on the diminutive suffix “-ig/-eg”, on the adjective-making verb suffixes “-ui” and “-weg”, a list of adverbal prefixes that includes the ones found in PE17 (that none of the Sindarin dictionaries have seen fit to include yet), the superlative prefix “ro-“, archaic plurals “-ir” and “-id”, two new types of mutation uncreatively named “H-mutation” and “DH-mutation”, and the abstract suffix “-as”. There also are new chapters on syntax and analogous change to grammar, and an entire chapter on writing in Elven scripts.

The lessons have been converted to a semester system. Every week students will turn in homework, then spend the rest of the week perfecting the homework and studying up on the next lesson. I’ve designed it to give students just enough of a push to keep working on the lessons, but spaced out so it won’t interfere with real life, hopefully. This should also encourage students to get together and discuss lessons on the forums.

The class starts February 14th. That is the first day homework is due. For a more complete set of dates, check out the forum calendar:

Because of the work I’ve been putting into the textbook, I’ve been updating the Sindarin Phrase Book like mad.

The “Help!” phrases have been changed to “Rescue Mission” phrases.
I edited the format of many of the sections to match “Rescue Mission”s easier to search format.

Because of their new formats, I’ve discovered some weak points in the phrasebooks and have been slowly filling in the gaps. Eventually I’ll do the same for the Quenya Phrase Book.

Speaking of Quenya, there’s finally a Quenya Pronunciation guide!

The Sindarin Name Lists have been updated with hundreds of new names, stemming from the new name suffixes Tolkien described in PE17, and some research that I did in Sindarin agental suffixes.

I’m now going to the same college that the creator of I Lam Arth, Aaron Shaw is. Actually, we grew up about 10 miles apart, but never knew it. What an odd coincidence, eh? We’re also about the same age. Something about the Gallatin Valley must make bored teenagers dive into LotR. Anyways, we’re going to discuss my textbook and his articles, maybe produce a few articles of our own.


There’s finally a Quenya pronunciation page! It only took me seven years to make it. Still working on Exilic names. I’ve finally found a format that I think might work. There may be some beta testing in the future. Galu!

Our website now has merchandise! If you want to help keep “Merin Essi ar Quenteli!” running, or maybe some clothes with cool calligraphy on them, please check out our little store!

As some of you may know, my website was kicked offline last month because it apparently had run out of bandwidth. To set the record straight: No it hadn’t run out of bandwidth. There was a problem with the server’s ability to tally the usage of my website, making it think that 6 months of traffic had happened in one day. It is true that my website is slowly eating up more and more bandwidth, but currently, we’re only using 1/5th of our monthly allowance. When or if The Hobbit movie comes out, (I’m working on the Woodelven sections in preparation!) I might have to buy bandwidth, but until then, let’s enjoy our free ride.

While the website was down, I made a new section of the phrasebook. It’s a set of phrases for use in the Elven bedroom. I’ve often gotten e-mails from people writing intimate love-scenes for their stories, and I’ve long considered making a steamy set of phrases (the challenge being talking dirty with a language that has no dirty words) and I finally gave in. Of course, you must be 18 or over to view it.

You are 18 or over, right?

Hey, it says that Elves “delight in love-making” in the Laws and Customs of the Eldar, so why not?

Lately, I’ve been updating the textbook like mad. It was missing information from the latest publications of Vinyar Tengwar and Parma Eldalamberon (specifically, anything beyond VT#46 and PE#15) because I’m a poor starving college student who can’t afford to buy things that aren’t textbooks. This is really bad because tons of new information about Sindarin has been released recently, stuff that changes our understanding of how late Sindarin works. Especially the verbs. Anyways, I knuckled down and came to grips with the fact that I can’t afford these things right now, and started using others’ recent research that is based on the later publications. So, the verbs and pronouns chapters are completely rewritten, and I’m working on rewriting the numbers section (Tolkien liked to re-write the counting system often, and the latest version apparently is also in PE17, alas!)

Along the lines of editing the textbook… I recently got a fantastic e-mail from Damien of Tolkiendil that pointed me to the new home of I Lam Arth, as well as to some good articles to help me fix up the textbook. As it turns out, Damien has been rescuing excellent Tolkien websites that lost hosting from the death of Geocities. Three cheers for Damien, eh?


I’m in a rush to get more updates done before the next semester starts up, so expect more soon!


Hello folks! It’s about time I made another newsletter, isn’t it?

While I haven’t been writing newsletters, I have been making updates. Lots of them.

In January, I attempted to switch servers, because some of the pages were mysteriously disappearing. The server change didn’t help anything, so I went back to Awardspace and asked the support staff. As it turns out, the pages that linked to Amazon were the ones vanishing; because the bot in charge of searching for spammers thought that all Amazon links are evil. So, I found a different way to cite books, and it’s all better now. Funny thing: it also removed the Telerin Wordlist because the word “porn” (from Teleporno, Celeborn’s Telerin name) appeared in it.

I made a wordlists page! It took about a week of staring at thousands of lines of code, but I finished it, and posted it. The Wordlists were put together by Gildor. They are of Nandorin, Doriathrin, Mithren, Telerin, Khuzdul, Adûnaic, Westron, and various other human languages.

I’ve extensively updated the Sindarin pronunciation page and the pronunciation lessons. It now has a recording of Tolkien speaking Sindarin!

The namelists have had a makeover. I split them into sections to make them easier to download, and Phil put together some fancy Javascript coding to make the gender specific namelists much easier to browse. I’ve finally put the “Our Names translated into Sindarin” section up, and am continually adding to it. I’m also in the process of adding several hundred Sindarin names to the list, which will be available pretty soon, depending on how the start of classes treats me.

The Sindarin and Quenya phrasebooks also received a makeover. They’ve been reorganized into more situational collections of phrases.

The essays page has been reorganized; taking a bunch of links from the Trustworthy Websites page. I also wrote a new essay: Vampires and Werewolves in Middle-earth.

Other than that, I started putting ads on the website, hoping that they would make the website pay for itself. Vote in the poll about how to fund the website here:

Galu a gell!


Wow, it’s been a long time since you heard from me, hasn’t it? Well, have I news for you!

I GOT MARRIED! Check out the wedding website: http://www.freewebs.com/jallingswedding/

I finally got some work done on the website! I’ve been updating the beta-readers section all along, and I did some small tweaking: I made a mock-up website for the pages that my server refuses to host and are being held at Tripod. At least they don’t look as bad now. I’ve changed the pronunciation sections from the stuff in my collegiate dictionary to IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). I added a few websites to the Trustworthy Websites list and deleted a few from the Untrustworthy Websites list.

The big updates are in the name lists. I’ve finally gotten Ederchil’s Adûnaic namelist up! 95 names in total. I also deleted the Rohirric namelist and replaced it with the Behind the Name Old English namelist. In a few days, there will be several hundred new names in the Already Existing Character Names section.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Time section! Gildor provided a bunch of timelines for you.

Edited Pages:

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Please don’t kill me for my disappearance! I have good updates to offer to you!

Firstly, the Timelines are up! Gildor is the one who donated them, I just rewrote the coding.

The Beta Reader List has been updated (six months worth of updates!) and I’ve closed the lessons. I’m in the midst of getting married, settling into my new apartment with my fiancé, finding a job, and going to college, so I don’t have the time to correct homework. Sorry! I will leave the lessons up with answer keys, so you can continue to study.

I’ve given translation duty at the forums over to Tyrhael and Ederchil.

Lastly; even though I won’t be actively working on the forums or teaching, I will still be doing updates to the website! I am accepting donations of material that you think would be beneficial to the website, if you are the author of that material. Don’t copy someone else’s essays and send them to me, please! Speaking of essays, I realize that the essays and naming traditions pages are pretending that they don’t exist. They’re temporary loaded onto Tripod for now.

Garo ‘lass a lalaith!


Hello all!

Finals are over! I have no idea how I did on them, and won’t know for a while. I return to school in a week. I’m taking two intense summer French classes, the closest thing to spending the summer in France I can afford. So, for this short week I will be updating things as much as possible.

I also got Vinyar Tengwar 1-46. (YEAHOO!) Dreamingfifi shall be a more informed translator now.

Now, the updates.

Meet Ederchil! He’s the new Adûnaic translator on the website. Sometime in the coming months, expect to see an Adûnaic namelist appear!

The Sindarin Phrase Book has been updated! I only did minor corrections, but there was a lot of them.
Sindarin Phrase Book

All of the Sindarin Namelists have been cleaned up!
Sindarin Namelist
Exilic-Sindarin Namelist
Doriathrin Namelist
Gondorian-Sindarin Namelist
Woodelven Namelist

I’ve set up arrangements to get a domain name. If you would like to see a domain name, please donate!
Why Donate?

There’s a new poll up!


Random Sindarin Quote:
“Edraith anin ialril; edraith anin ardhon.”
“Save the cheerleader; save the world.” -Heroes

Howdy all!

I was so busy with midterms and influenza that I didn’t do any updates. Now that it is Spring Break, I’m updating and cleaning things up like crazy.

All of the Sindarin Name lists are cleaned up!
Doriathrin Names
Woodelven Names
Sindarin Names
Gondorian-Sindarin Names

A new section is begun: Time! It has calendars and will have, at some point in the future, timelines.
Calendars of Arda
Comparative Calendars of Arda


Random Sindarin Quote:
I vellas ardh midh rych în.
The power of a kingdom rests in its horses. – Silk Road: Monks, Warriors & Merchants

Hey all!

I have many updates to show you today. You know that pitiful update I did for New Year? Well, this is the other shoe dropped.

The sections I uploaded since the last newsletter are as follows:
Friendly Phrases
Unfriendly Phrases
Other Phrases
Just for Fun!

It has 576 phrases in it, by far the largest Quenya phrasebook on the web.

Give Gildor a nice pat on the back, and be sure to let him know how much we appreciate all of the hard work he did for the website!

Other than that, I reorganized the Trustworthy Websites list and added three new websites to it. Isn’t it loverly?


Random Sindarin Quote:
Thia i adan dan a fang dîn i gelu cardhath ym! Nauthon i den dringathon a bedithon adh râd geleg!
“Seems like that bearded guy is the source of all evil! Guess I better beat him up and leave in a flash!” -Fullmetal Alchemist


I had a grand idea. Why not put my website newsletters up here? So I shall.

Gondorian-Sindarin Name List
I added another dialectal name list for Gondorians with Sindarin names. How could I do this whilst preparing my portfolio? Well, I was procrastinating, and the Gondorian dialect doesn’t differ much from the Elven dialect. It was pretty easy, and yet another thing I finally stopped procrastinating over.

Final Farewells
In Love
War Phrases
Gildor has been working his butt off on the Quenya phrasebook. It is almost complete! Only nine sections left.


Random Sindarin Quote:
Man i theled cuil?
What is the meaning of life?

Hello everyone!

It is the cheery hour of two in the morning, and I have a few updates to give you before I collapse on my bed.

I have a story to tell you. Personally, I see myself as one of the last people in the world susceptible to this, but last month I was diagnosed with depression. I had just spent four days in my dorm room, unable to go farther than the bathroom. Literally. I could barely pull myself from bed, and my sleeping pattern became erratic. I didn’t eat. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t stay awake. But, I did translate. It was one of the few things that I could keep doing. I think if it weren’t for this website keeping a little spark of passion for me to hang onto while the ground was disappearing beneath my feet, I might have fallen much farther. I’m on medication now, and feeling much better. Gosh, I love y’guys!

First: A new essay! It’s a little OOC for me, but hopefully useful nonetheless. It’s called “Forum Politics”.

Second: My own forums received a little holiday cleaning. I decided to face the spambots with the almighty delete command, and removed the passwords guarding my forums. As my dad put it, the password puzzle was almost like a “You must be this intelligent to use these forums” gimmick. I’m happy to be rid of it. (No more “How do I get into the forums?” e-mails!)

There are two new sections on the forums: Essay Discussion and Fanliterature.

There is a new user group for Sindarin students. They get pretty blue stars under their names along with the title.

I also added a few new graphics to the forums, and got rid of the News Bar. It was wasting space anyways.

Third: I finally got rid of one of the polls. You have decided that I should make a timeline for the entire history of Arda. It’ll take a while, but someday, I will complete it. It’s behind the essays about Dwarves, Hobbits, and Healing, the Adûnaic, Telerin, and Nandorin name lists, and the list of our names translated into Sindarin. *Sigh*
The other poll has still yet to be decided.

The very tired but happy,


Random Sindarin Quote:
A! Gen melin!
Gosh, I love y’guys!

Howdy all!

For the past month, Phil Smith and I (to be fair, it was mostly Phil) have been laboring on the new design for the website. We were trying to achieve a more efficient, more professional appearance for the website. I think we’ve succeeded!

So long big background! So long Iframe! So long clumsy title banner! Don’t slam the door!
Hello PHP! Nice to meet you. Please, sit down and have something to eat. Thank-you for being light on the bandwidth.

So, come on in and check out the new design!



Random Sindarin Quote:
“Mi dorech Perian dorthant.”
“In a hole lived a Hobbit.” – The Hobbit

Hello everyone!

Please forgive me for not being there for so long! I do have a few excuses. I was moving to a new dorm room, and it took a few days to get the Internet service transferred, and I had to reinstall Windows twice.

I haven’t done much with the website, but I did receive three awards from the EvenstarEmbers Awards website. They’re posted now.

College is keeping me busy, so don’t expect much in the way of updates for a while. I have several essays on the way… though who knows when I’ll finished them.


Random Sindarin Quote:
Pennir ed aranath amar
i nîr milui a fael,
Gwaith dîn den mellir ar e anírant veleth dîn.

They said that of all kings upon earth
he was the man most gracious and fair-minded,
kindest to his people and keenest to win fame. -Beowulf

Wow, what a lot of updates this week!

Well friends, after reorganizing the FTP server I decided to reorganized the navigation. Things should be much easier to find. The navigation has been split into five parts: the normal website stuff, translations, fanfiction, other websites, and the house of guests. It’s no longer like looking at a random list of things because I put pretty icons between the sections that I made in MSPaint.

The votes are in, and you decided that you want to see my fanfiction and Sindarin poetry, but not on my website, in links to FanFiction.Net. You also decided that you’d like to see the other websites I’ve made.

Thank-you for voting everyone! There’s a new pole up, but it’s not near as urgent as the others were. It’ll take a long time to finish that next project.


Random Sindarin Quote:

“Aewendil i ben varan!” Curunír gladhant ar e av-dheliant iaew în. “Aewendil i heron-aew! Aewendil i al-chann! Aewendil i ben pe-channas! Dan e garn i channas cared man anírannen.

“Radagast the Brown!” laughed Saruman, and he no longer concealed his scorn. “Radagast the Bird-tamer! Radagast the Simple! Radagast the Fool! Yet he had the wit to play the part that I set him.” The Istari, Unfinished Tales

Ai mellyn!

A very important notice for today. Getting tired of searching for parts of the website on the FTP server, I decided to organize it there the way it is to the viewer of the website. That means that some of the URLs have changed. Please check the website to see if a URL you would like to keep around has been changed!


Random Sindarin Quote:
“Nae! Ae balanrim o le an nad i agorel boe gared naeg dîn.”
“Alas! If some power passes from you to a thing you have made, then you must take share in its hurts.” – The Drúedain, Unfinished Tales

Hello everyone!

You can now help me make decisions about the website! Under the House of Guests there is the Pollbooth. Please Vote!

I’ve added a section for people wanting websites with titles in Tolkien’s languages.

Your Sindarin Textbook is a huge success so far! There are seven students on the Roster! “Chapter 6 – Verbs” is on its way.


Random Sindarin Quote:
“Navaer, Hiril Dor-Lómin; nerim hi na estel veleg i av-istannem. Nauthatham i na ber-thrîw hen meren sui idhrinnath vîn al-veren, ar echuil pen-achas aphaded!”

“Farewell, Lady of Dor-Lómin; we ride now with greater hope than we have known before. Let us think that at this midwinter the feast shall be merrier than in all our years yet, with a fearless spring to follow after!” – Narn I Hîn Húrin, Unfinished Tales

Please forgive me for neglecting you for so long!

I have a lot of updates to get through.

I decided that the Sindarin subtitle was a silly idea. In its place, I put a pretty banner that I made in MSPaint.

I learned some CSS coding! Now the navigation bar is easier to read and fancy-looking.

My website has won eight awards! Five from Forgotten Whispers and three from There is Always Hope. http://realelvish.net/awards.html

I have a gift for all people wanting to put Elvish sections on their websites. 101 Sindarin Phrases. I got tired of discovering entire sections of my phrasebooks copied onto other people’s websites. I’ve also put up a Terms of Use page, hopefully to deter people from stealing my essays and phrasebooks. http://realelvish.net/tou.html

I have several new affiliates, and I cleaned out the broken links. I’m now affiliated with Camilla Sandman’s World of Dreams, Forgotten Whispers, With Ice-Cream, and Evenstar Embers. http://realelvish.net/friends.html

The Trustworthy Websites list has been updated because Lalaith’s Middle-earth Science Pages have been moved.

There’s a new section in the Quenya Phrasebook: Questions. http://realelvish.net/qpb_questions.htm

Your Sindarin Textbook is finally open to the public in Beta form. It’s only partway up, but the chapters that aren’t up yet no one has reached. http://realelvish.net/your-sindarin-textbook.html

A new section of the forums is up for people studying Sindarin. http://realelvish.proboards.com/

And finally, a new essay is up! It’s called “Sea-Longing”. http://realelvish.net/sea-longing.htm

A quick poll: Should I include my Tolkien fanfiction and Sindarin poetry on the website?


Random Sindarin Quote:

I lû erin dû edwen. Lostathon hi.
It is 2AM. I’m going to bed. – Me

Hello all!

Good news for all of the Elves of Doriath, I just finished making them a namelist! http://realelvish.net/doriathrin_names.htm

There’s a new section up in the Quenya Phrase Book, Communication.

I’ve made all of the pages pale green, so they’ll look nicer in the iframe.

I added a Sindarin version of the website title under the Quenya one, seeing as there’s also Sindarin in this website. In fact, there’s more Sindarin than Quenya. Well, now the website has a subtitle: Aníron Enith a ‘Webith!

I’ve also updated the list of reconstructed Sindarin words to include “gwabeth” a word for “sentence”.


Hello folks!

Today we have a few minor additions.

“Help us!” phrases were added to the Sindarin phrasebook.

Jael pointed out to me that during the short Elven marriage they still speak the names of Eru, Varda, and Manwë. I fixed the error in the Elven Wedding essay.

I added a brief history of Elven languages to the Elven Naming traditions to help people know which Elven language to use.


Random Sindarin Quote:
“Eneth nîn Lûc Scaiwacer a ni sí le leithad!”
“My name is Luke Skywalker, and I’m here to rescue you!” -Star Wars

I just figured out how to do iframes! Now, the website will load much quicker and use much less bandwidth. Enjoy!


The Quenya Phrase Book now has twelve sections in it, and counting. Way to go Gildor! Please, let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.


Random Sindarin Quote:

“Sméagol anna dulu, ae ti pêd – ae ti pêd vilui.”

“Sméagol always helps, if they asks – if they asks nicely.” Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit, The Lord of the Rings

Hello everyone!

The other day, I finally tired of deleting spam. Lately, I’ve had to clean more and more and more of the stuff from the forums. I believe that they perceived the unrestricted posting and charged in for the kill. So, I came up with a clever plan. I’d password protect all of the forums! The forums are still open to everyone, but now there is a restriction against users without pulses.

To get into a forum, simply answer this question:
Are you human?

The answer (I hope) would be “yes”.

The only forum not protected is the Guestbook, but there the spam is less irritating and easier to remove.


Random Sindarin Quote:

“Sa maer torthad mi Angband a sa al-vaer buiad mi Valandor.”

“Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” – Paradise Lost

I have great news today!

The Quenya and Noldorin name lists are finally completed and up on the website! Three cheers for Tyrhael and Gildor!

In celebration, I’ve put up the summer colors. This skin I call “Starlette” because of the cute hiding flower in the grass.

I edited out a huge mistake in the “Making Numbers in Sindarin” guide. It’s base 12, not base 10! Excuse me while I beat my head on the keyboard.

The Sindarin Textbook I’m writing is creeping towards completion. Does anyone want to be my guinea pig? You’d get to learn Sindarin!


I rîn pent Aníron gwannad min nen, ar av-dhannad min chaim cyth ar ennas dangen.
“It were me lieifer”, said the Queen, “to die in the water than to fall in your enemies’ hands and there be slain.” – Le Morte D’Arthur

Hey everyone! I have several updates to report.

First, I’ve started work on Sindarin Lessons. The lessons have forced me to rethink out the language, so I’ve changed my mind yet again on the Sindarin Pronoun system. I need people willing to be guinea pigs to take the lessons and critique them. So, do you want to learn Sindarin?

The Sindarin phrasebook has just been edited again, to reflect the pronoun changes.

Check out the forums! There’s a new section there, and pretty new icons.

I have new Quenya Help. Welcome Gildor Inglorion!

Navaer Lalaith

‘Periain per-‘alannen, i nerthyr-terich.’

‘Half-grown hobbits, the hole-dwellers.’

Hi y’all!

Today, as I merrily added more names to the lists and phrases to the Sindarin Phrase Book, I decided to do a quick count. It knocked me off my feet. There are 1009 possible Sindarin Phrases in the Phrasebook and 2291 possible names in the name lists. There are 484 names so far in the Quenya and Noldorin name lists, which hopefully will be completed soon.


“Genedithach an neder, neder i ‘wanod gonoded gîn. Av-‘enedithach a chaer egor am minchaer. Neder i ‘wanod govannas.”

“You shall count to nine, nine is the number of your counting. You shall not count to ten, nor to eleven. Nine is the number of the Fellowship.”
-Elrond in The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth

It’s my birthday!

And in the Hobbit tradition, I’m giving you a present!

It’s an addition to my essay, “An Elven Wedding”, the Sindarin Phrase Book, and the Quenya Phrase Book. I present to you the Elven Wedding Vows!

Also, welcome the new Spring theme for the website! That’s a picture of Aewvain and her little troop of ducklings in Seattle Harbor.

The essays have been re-coded.

It appears that the permanent address of my website will be http://realelvish.125mb.com/. If I out-do my bandwidth this time, I’ll pay the money. Eventually, I may get a server all to myself.


Aur-onnad veren enni!
Aur-onnad veren enni!
Aur-onnad veren an dreamingfifi vuin…
Aur-onnad veren enni!

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday dear dreamingfifi…
Happy Birthday to me!

Alert! Warning! Beware! Look out!

I discovered that my hosting website, freewebs.com, is putting a spyware virus onto all of the websites hosted there. For the meanwhile, the website has been moved to http://realelvish.125mb.com. All of the artshost.com links still work, but any link you click that’s not the spyware trying to get onto your computer will lead you to the 125mb.com version of the website. Forgive me for the annoying banner ads; they come with 125mb’s free service. At least they don’t try to download nasty programs onto your computer.


Avo nallo hí! Beleg i ben dhannen,
Govannen vethed dîn. Ir cum dîn orthannen, Biss nallathar. Auth cân hi ammen!

Mourn not overmuch! Mighty was the fallen, Met was his ending. When his mound is raised, Women then shall weep. War now calls us!

-At Théoden’s Death by Tolkien


I need to apologize to everyone for being so scarce about the website. I’ve been in solitary confinement, or house-sitting for my grandmother. She has a very slow dial-up connection and a computer out of the dark ages. I just about went crazy. Then my boyfriend’s grandfather died while I was there and unable to give him a hug. To make things even more confusing, college started up again. I know that excuses are cowardly things, but I had to give you mine. Please forgive me!

I have done something useful, however. I edited the Sindarin Phrasebook some more, finding a pesky grammatical error here, a broken bit of HTML there… nothing special. The Quenya name lists chug along slowly but surely.


Rhîw tôl.
Winter is coming. -George R. R. Martin

Happy New Year!

I have a present for you guys! I researched the languages of Legolas’ kin, the Woodelves, and made them a special name list for the Second and Third Ages of Middle-earth. http://realelvish.net/woodelven_names.htm

Besides that, I’ve recoded the Sindarin Phrase Book. Now, it will load very quickly for the amount of information that is on it. I’d like to say that for my genius HTML abilities are the cause of the quicker loading time, but the true reason is that my HTML is so bad and so skeletal that it’s very easy for computers to read. Oh well. My website is for the information on it, not appearances.


“Man innais en idhrinn eden lîn?”
“What are your New Year’s resolutions?” -Me

Thank-you everyone who sent condolences to me! The funeral was two days ago, and your messages helped a lot. I’ve changed the background for a winter theme; I need to move on and start focusing on my life again.

Christmas is coming quickly, and I have finally found a way to make money through my website. If you buy a book from the links I’ve provided, I will get a miniscule portion of the money because of Amazon.com’s affiliate program. As a poor college student trying to support her Tolkien addiction, I ask that if you’re thinking about buying one of the books listed, click on the link to it in my website. http://realelvish.net/requiredreading.html


Famous Quote:
Ne mbereth-Iesus avaníron veril
Ar avaníron ‘loss ned i ‘lass ‘wain Lothron; Aníron in naid ned lû dîn sui galar.

At Christmas I no more desire a rose
Than wish a snow in May’s new-fangled mirth; But like of each thing that in season grows.
-William Shakespeare

Sad news this day.

My grandfather died December 3, 2005. So, I’ve changed the colors and background of the website for mourning. He was 69 years old; he died of lung cancer.

Promise me that you will never smoke!


Rûm cuil ngurth.
Life’s mystery is death.

Hail dear friends!

The forums are a success so far, but if you have any suggestions, speak up!

I’ve added some new phrases for the Sindarin Phrasebook. I’m now going to include a list of reconstructed words that I use.

I’m happy to say that the Quenya name list is almost finished. The Noldorin (Sindarinized Quenya) name list is being revised to fit the Quenya name list, so I’ve taken it down to wait for the Quenya name list’s completion.

Give Tyrhael Idhraen an e-mail of encouragement and thankfulness for working so hard of the Quenya name list!

Thank-you Nurvingiel for helping me find an excellent HTML editor, which has made the website much simpler and quicker loading. I’ve added her website to the affiliates page.

Introducing the Black Speech name list and Black Speech curses!

If you are a fanfiction author, you may want to check out the new Challenges section to gain some inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nin anno laithian egor nin anno ngûr!
Give me liberty, or give me death! -Patrick Henry

Little to tell you today except that I’ve finally got Internet access again! –Oh, and I’ve finished a new essay called “The Origin of Man” and did a little tweaking in the Sindarin Phrase Book.

I have a new e-mail address! From now on, please use —–

dreamingfifi/Navaer Lalaith

Random Sindarin Quote:
Aragorn pent iston, thion al-vain a bain nin. Thenid han?
“I see,” said Aragorn. “I look foul and feel fair. Is that it?”

Pedin i laim edhellin. Gerich hain pedi?